Northern Nevada Hopes

I was cheerfully introduced with Chris Fergert, the Development Officer of NV Hopes.  Ms. Fergert began the tour of the Nevada Hopes campus.  The main administration center offered a welcoming array of staff busily organizing their work answering phone calls or entering data into their computers.

 We sat at the big conference table to talk more about their programs and answer questions. I was quite impressed with the center .  I was also surprised to learn how the center has grown over the years.  It was amazing.

Chris explained to me that they are a nonprofit organization relying on donations and some grants to help them keep the doors open and pay their salaries.

When they first opened their doors in 1997 it was a community health center and support to those managing HIV/AIDS. Now the center has a full service health center offering medical care to wellness and nutrition counseling.  They also have a team of specialist to provide case management, housing assistance, and other various community based services. They also have a pharmacy, social services and behavioral health included once you become a client of their center.  On the first and third Tuesday of every month they have a New Beginnings Support Group there at the center.  Also Latino support group is available as well.

They require an eligibility intake appointment. Your appointment will take some time filling out forms and meeting with the intake specialist to answer questions.  You will need an ID card, insurance card, utility bill and a recent pay stub.  they won’t turn you away if you do not have any of these documents. But it does help to speed up the process.

Keep in mind that NV Hopes is not strictly servicing those with HIV conditions, but also provides services to the community. They will also help you apply for the Affordable Care Act through the Nevada Health Link.  I was also surprised that they offer STD/HIV/Hepatitis testing in a safe, confidential environment. Where else in Reno can you get those services? Northern Nevada Hopes.

On March 15th 2016, Northern Nevada Hopes opened Stacie Mathewson Community Wellness Center.  The center offers health clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, behavioral health, primary care, pediatric health, and LGTBQ Healthcare, and many others. Best to visit their website.

For more information contact NV Hopes