Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network

Are you a creative writer?

Are you a creative writer? Have a story to share? We are looking for a few aspiring bloggers to submit stories. Here are some ideas: (person with a disability, caretaker of a senior, or veteran talking about their community involvement). No more than 500 words. Submissions must include: your name,

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Finding Renewed Hope

Dorothy was going through something which resulted falling into a dark part in her life. She was trying to fight this invisible battle called mental illness by herself. She verbally argued with people close to her that tried to help her, but Dorothy felt like everyone was against her. When

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Just seemed like yesterday…

24 yrs ago my son was delivered at St Mary’s Hospital. The obstetrician assured me that the baby would be delivered without any problems. Yet without going into details our baby was presented breach and would be gently maneuvered with a firm massage on my tummy to turn the baby

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