Board Members

Our primary focus to serve individuals with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

  • Do you know of or have a family member with a disability?
  • Have an interest in being a founding board member?
  • Would you be willing to volunteer and help us educate the community and customize needs to services?
  • Can you support our mission and goals?
  • Help us maintain our website and social networking?
  • Help us to continue our project and apply as a 501(c)(3).

We are ready to form our Board of Directors, apply for grants/fundraising and attend outreach community events – Are you able to commit your time? We need individuals who are compassionate, dependable, and willing to promote our organization? Board members are strongly encouraged to meet a 1-year commitment, as this helps us ensure an experienced and active leadership.

We are seeking positions for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Our mission is to function as a resource network connecting individuals with disabilities, seniors, and veterans to locate services providers within the Northern Nevada communities.

Features on our website include; an event calendar, virtual bulletin board, monthly newsletter, Treasured Moment interviews, interactive resource directory, and social media networks.

For the past three years, Treasured Moments with NNVDA is a videocast spotlighting (interviewing service providers) to share with the community. We have interviewed providers such as; Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada, Alzheimer’s Association of Northern Nevada, For Kids Foundation and other various community organizations. Treasured Moments is an on-going mission to inform, educate, and inspire our communities of Northern Nevada.

In November 2017, NNVDA partnered with the Family Support Council of Douglas County who agreed to be our fiscal sponsor. FSCDC renders a yearly Secretary of State letter, a federal 501(c)(3) letter and annual updated Board of Director documents to ensure the status of the partnership. NNVDA is responsive to a partnership with other organizations who relate to our mission. We need a team who can lead us to expand our networks and develop a valuable organization for years to come.

Goals and Objectives
Our goals include maintaining our website and posting related content on our social media. Our objectives are is to become a nonprofit organization. NNVDA also connects to service providers in rural communities including: (Elko, Winnemucca, Yerington, and related communities). Our long term objectives are to develop a resource center that includes: class/workshop room, internet cafe, a resource library, and a lending library for individuals and families.

Thank you for your interest in NNVDA, we look forward to having you join us as a potential board member. Contact Amy with any questions about the organization or serving on the Board of Directors.

We will make a decision by 5 pm on September 5th.   Please indicate your preferred time, date, and location. Can you offer a meeting place?

EMAIL your cover letter: include your preferred position, background experience, and why you want to join our team?