Moving Forward – Northern Nevada Disability Resources

Presentation at 1MC-Reno

I am a proud parent of an intellectual challenged young man. 8 years ago, my son inspired me to create a resource website to connect disabled, seniors and veterans to find service providers.

We are not paid for the work we do. I spent countless hours gathering information, interviewing service providers, maintaining the website and posting to our social networks.

On November 30th 2017, we partnered with a non-profit organization Family Support Council of Douglas County.  FSCDC is supporting NNVDA as our fiscal agent. This allows us to apply for grants/funding. Our goal is to become our own non-profit. 

Within the first year, we promoted our site, presented to community events, and improved our website.

The hard part is inputting the information into the database. Lot of work. The outcome is knowing that one family or person has connected to a provider and who has helped them.

We love our community! Support your local service providers.