Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy

Laurie Roberts, co-founder and Bambi Spahr, co founder of N.E.A.T (Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy).   NEAT is an equine (horse) therapy center for children, teens, adults with mental and emotional disorders, ADHD, and autism spectrum clientele. They recently implemented a senior program. They also offer group sessions. 

NEAT is a Medicaid based program. Like most services,  an intake appointment is required for eligibility requirements.  Laurie and Bambi care for their horses and have hired caretakers to assist in their care.  They are dedicated to providing excellent equine therapy to all of their clients.  

In early September they moved to the UNR Equestrian Center on Valley Road.  The ‘ranch’ offered a clubhouse, tack room, feed room, and several arenas for the therapy horses and clients to work.  NEAT is now located in Washoe Valley, Nevada just 30 minutes from Reno. 

Since my son has been a client of NEAT,  he started from being shy and withdrawn to now an expressive and helpful.  He is still learning how to adjust his behaviors when he’s having a rough day.  

Thanks to N.E.A.T. this provider inspired my son to develop new skills, gained confidence, and most of all be respectful of others.  

Visit the website Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy.  Make an appointment to see the center for your child’s equine therapy. You won’t be disappointed.