Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs

Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs was created for any individual wheelchair bound to experience antelope hunting.

Chad Bliss, injured his spinal cord in a motorcycle accident and later became an amputee.  His passion for hunting kept his mind motivated to get back to what he loved best, Antelope hunting.

Chad Bliss started Nevada Outdoorsmen in Nevada located in Elko, Nevada in 2008. Now, they have an amazing collection of board members all inspired to help individuals live out their dream to be hunters without the challenges of being held back by their disabilities.

Matt Murray, the current president, shared his experiences.  Matt explained how they provide an exciting five (5) day long Antelope hunting event for selected wheelchair-bound individuals.  The selected person must complete their hunter’s education and license to participate.   Once their application is complete,  they schedule the 5 day excersion based on availably and funding.

Each participant is accommodated at a disclosed ranch to spend a relaxing day of fishing in between the hunting sessions. Hunters enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, and other educational activities.

Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs purchases equipment, tags and supplies to provide the most memorable event for the individual 5 day hunting experience.  You can donate toward their program for future expenditures.

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