This page is featuring our network team. Each one has a unique persona to provide you with the resources for you and your family.



Amy Auerbach, project manager

Amy created a unique project called Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network. The need to combine resources for people with disabilities /health conditions and their families was her major concern. Amy’s son, Josiah was the primary inspiration for starting this project.



Josiah Metz, youth ambassador

I am a 24-year-old Native Nevadan. I love Top10 country and classic rock music, watching funny videos, and helping my mom with this amazing website. I was inspired to help create this website because I want to help people find services.





Kawaii Potato Films

Kawaii Potato Films is a filmmaker who enjoys making thoughtful short films that creates a human connection. By using film as a medium to tell stories through the lens of someone’s eyes hoping to see different perspectives that will hopefully have people to consider with an open mind.


UNR Student Engagement Program

The Center for Student Engagement recognizes that its mission, in cooperation with the learning mission of the University, is accomplished through cultivating a personal standard of ethics and values while providing opportunities that enhance a sense of community between students, the campus, and the local community. Website