Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network

Project Manager wanted

Recruiting for Project Manager

Help us make a dream become a reality!! Do you have Talent, Time, and a vision to help the community? We are recruiting for a project manager.

About the Position

This is a volunteer opportunity (pitch an offer for future monetary opportunities).

You will manage the weekly/monthly operations of the Northern Nevada Disability Resource project. This project seeks to increase awareness of resources connecting disabled, seniors, and veterans in Northern Nevada communities,

Project Manager Responsibilities:

●  Coordinate to recruit potential board members, build our project to apply as a 501(c)(3)

●  Facilitate ideas on fundraising and apply for grants

●  Participate in future virtual meetings.

●  Support social media and the development of marketing materials for the project.

●  Assist in planning, outreach and implementation of the program.

●  Participate in future virtual meetings.

●  Collaborate with local service providers, support groups, advocates, and organizations to join our resource directory.

●  Offer ideas (suggestions) to improve project features.

Submit your resume, a short bio about yourself, statement of your interest and commitment as a project manager.