Seniors in Service/Caregiver Respite/Foster Grandparent

Mary Brock is the executive director of the Seniors in Service, Foster Grandparent Program of Northern Nevada, and the Senior Respite Program. Their office is located in Spark just 1 mile of E. McCarren Blvd and Greg Streets. Mary spends the majority of the time educating volunteers and the caregivers. She also is responsible for the fundraising aspects because they are a 501(c)(3) non profit entity.

Mary explains the Foster Grandparent Program is a senior volunteer service. The volunteers must be 55 yrs or older and pass federal and state background checks. The Foster Grandparent Program provides at risk children to be engaged in school to reduce drop-outs leaving the educational community. They also help provide academic standards to educational achievements.

The Senior Companion Program is a basic social supportive living to seniors 60 years and older. The guidelines are volunteers meet required state and federal background checks and should be 55 yrs and older.  The support provides the senior who lives alone or needs respite care. This is to support their ability to live independently with a caregiver providing assistance such as bill paying, grocery shopping, transportation to doctor appointments, or just visiting for a few hours to help with non medical duties around the home.

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