Be a guest on Young Adult Achievers?  Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire the community of Northern Nevada.

Are you an intellectually challenged young adult living as an independent or in process of becoming independent? if living with family/guardian we encourage them to participate.  Share your story. Talk about the community resources that have benefited as you move forward.

Additional guidelines:

  • Two options: film at your office/service provider location. Or record on Zoom (private teleconference).
  • Film at office: you a brief introduction, a summary of your services, and share your inspirational quote.
  • Record on Zoom: You will receive 5 questions via email.
  • After you have confirmed your availability, you will receive an email notification of your appointment. Be sure to save your email notification for cancellations/reschedules
  • After each recording, the video will be edited for content, annotations, and audio adjustments. Turnaround: within a week of recording.
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